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Buy Methyl Ketone Online, A Chemical Drug With Very Similar StructureEcstasyand has a similar effect. Methyl Ketones sold by BUY CHEM LTD do not require a DEA permit. It is a stimulant with mild hallucinogenic effects. However, caution is advised with methyl ketones: Due to their short duration, not much research has been done, and little is known about long-term effects or rates of addiction.

What is methyl ketone?

In 1994, a famous chemist first synthesized methyl ketonepeyton jacobs iiiexistAlexander Shulkin. Smartshops started selling it in 2004 under the name "Explosion". It was marketed as an air freshener, never as a stimulant. Methylone is sold as a solution with a perfume and is said to freshen the air. Solutions are provided in 5 cm long screw cap tubes. One tube should be enough for one dose.

The package says "not edible". Dosing instructions, warnings and "what to do if you overdose" are missing. It should come as no surprise that this situation ended quickly. Meladone has been covered by the Medicines Act since 2005, which means that the substance is banned from sale in regular stores in the Netherlands. Oddly enough, Sentinel is not on the opiate bill. In New Zealand, the drug was also recently available in stores from November 2005 until April 2006, when it was also banned.

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In the Netherlands, methyl ketones are not governed by the Opium Act, but are governed by the Medicines Act. At the same time, it has not been officially registered as a drug. Therefore, GPs cannot prescribe acetone and can only obtain the drug illegally. Sanctions for the trade are different from those for the drug trade, as sensitone is included in the Drugs Act. Illegal drug trafficking carries a maximum penalty of 6 years in prison, while illegal drug trafficking - such as MDMA - under the Opium Act carries a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison. The status of methyl ketones varies by country. For example, in the United States it is on the opium list, but in Canada it is not. Canadian authorities don't even consider it a drug, which means the substance is still legal there.

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Methyl Ketones for Sale Online

As mentioned earlier, methyl ketones are similar toEcstasyBoth structurally and functionally. See the diagram to the right for the structures of various stimulants. The structure on the left is, from top to bottom: amphetamine, methamphetamine, and methylcation. The correct structure is from top to bottom: MDA, MDMA, and methylketone. As you can see, the only difference from MDMA is the oxygen atom. How a drug works depends mainly on how well it binds to certain receptors in the brain.

In vitro studies (conducted in test tubes) have shown that methylone works similarly to MDMA in releasing dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. However, the amount of serotonin released by methyl ketone was only one-third of that released by MDMA. Furthermore, methylketone binds vesicular monoamine transporter 2 13-fold poorer than MDMA. This is a protein that transports serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine out of brain cells. Therefore, MDMA inhibits this process more strongly than methyl ketones. Monoamine transporters are also present to bring the same substances back into the cell. Methyl ketones affect both processes in a more balanced mannerEcstasy.That's why methyl ketone clears your mind better than ecstasy. Buy Methylone Online


Methyl ketones take effect 20-30 minutes after ingestion.

psychological impact

  • Euphoric feeling
  • improve concentration
  • Tendency to speak
  • energy increase
  • Possibly tingling in the body, especially at the top of the skull
  • agitation
  • May increase libido
  • greater empathy
  • Reduce Fear and Uncertainty
  • High doses may cause hallucinations, which usually means the dose is too high. In sensitive individuals, these effects may have occurred at lower doses.

physical effect

  • Anorexia
  • eyes of light
  • increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • elevated body temperature
  • difficulty urinating
  • Insomnia
  • dry mouth
  • large pupil
  • Stiffness in the jaw, which may begin to shake at high doses
  • In some cases: blurred vision
  • High doses can cause nausea and vomiting

MDMA and melyone work similarly, but there are also significant differences:

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  • The effect of methyl ketone is at least two times shorter: the effect disappears almost completely after two hours. This can be inconvenient at parties because the second tablet will no longer be effective.
  • Since less serotonin is released in the brain, methylone does not induce overindulgence like ecstasy. This makes you clearer, more approachable, and more focused.


The effects of methamphetamine are usually less severe than MDMA because less serotonin is consumed and the effects last longer. However, extra dopamine and serotonin are released while on the go, which leads to a feeling of euphoria and energy. One dose of these "pleasure substances" often leads to a later drop, when the brain has to deal with low dopamine and serotonin levels.

Therefore, it is recommended to take supplements before and after using methylone to restore dopamine and serotonin levels in the body. A very reliable formula is After-E; it quickly restores serotonin levels and counteracts oxidative stress. Buy Methylone Online

You'll fall asleep easier and recover faster when you add 0.5 mg of melatonin to After-E. Melatonin is also a great brain protectant. Additionally, magnesium supplementation is recommended to reduce possible cramping. Do you want to do it well? Start taking L-Tryptophan daily one week before taking Metone. This will help your body produce adequate amounts of serotonin. During your medone trip, you have plenty of stock, which will make your experience more enjoyable and reduce hangovers afterwards. Finally, a vitamin C, E, and B complex is recommended to fight oxidative stress.


In fact, eating a healthy diet is the most effective way to prevent a hangover: You absorb nutrients better from food than from supplements. Fruits and vegetables in particular are high in antioxidants: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, broccoli and kiwi are rich sources of antioxidants. Obviously, it's not always easy to consume these foods after taking stimulants. A fresh juice or smoothie is a good choice.

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Unfortunately, after a night of bingeing, your body may want something high in fat and sugar. Realize that your body is asking for this because of a deficiency of certain neurotransmitters: this is why you experience lows. Comfort foods provide short-term gratification, but they don't restore balance in the long run. On the contrary: they create extra toxins that your body has to deal with, so soaking takes longer. So when taking a stimulant, it's best not to listen to your body, but to make good nutritional choices based on common sense. This balance is quickly restored. Buy Methylone Online

medical application

Initially, methyl ketones were developed as antidepressants. It is clearly not suitable for fighting depression. Although users feel fine while taking the drug, there is a rapid decline afterwards, which in some cases can lead to depressive episodes.

In the 1970s, many experiments were conducted on the use of ecstasy in psychotherapy. While under the influence of ecstasy, clients feel more comfortable talking about emotions and thus better process the past. Therefore, MDMA appears to be effective in treating PTSD. As the toxic effects of MDMA became more apparent, its use in psychotherapy was banned.

Newly approved studies are currently underway investigating the beneficial effects of ecstasy in psychotherapy pathways. On February 23 and March 8, 2008, 12 terminal cancer patients with incurable death anxiety were administered MDMA by Dr. John Halpern. Studies have also been conducted on the effects of MDMA on post-traumatic stress disorder. Those who received ecstasy improved significantly compared to the control group. Buy Methylone Online

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Methylketone may be used in a similar way to help psychopaths cope with trauma. The advantage of methyl ketone over ecstasy is that clients are more accessible and can focus better. A person is not completely emotional, but still able to think logically.


Since methyl ketone is a research chemical, almost nothing is known about possible combinations. Therefore it is not recommended to use it in combination with other drugs. This also applies to combinations with alcohol.

dose. โ€“ Buy Methyl Ketone Online

  • Drempel: 60-120 mg
  • Starting dose: 100-150 mg
  • Average dose: 100-250 mg
  • Sterke Dose: 160-270 mg
  • Max Dose: 250 mg

warn! Everyone is different. So be careful when you first start a new medicine. Your tolerance may be lower than you expect. Just because you have a good experience with MDMA does not mean you have a good response to methyl ketones. vice versa. Always start with a low dose and see how it affects you. Buy Methylone Online


Since methyl ketone passes through roughly the same metabolic system as MDMA, traces of it may clear from the blood after two or three days. Remember, this is a single dose and each body processes and excretes substances at different rates. Prefer to play it safe? For example, because sweat tests are possible in Germany? Let all traces disappear for 7 days.

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Little is known about possible contraindications. No medications should be used during pregnancy, and this also applies to methyl ketones. In general, stimulants are not recommended in the setting of high blood pressure because they can increase blood pressure even more. Also, it is unwise to use methyl ketones in patients with heart disease. Substances such as methyl ketones can even be life-threatening when using MAO inhibitors such as antidepressants. Buy Methylone Online


Is methyl ethyl ketone banned in the US? โ€บ

In fact, MEK is even approved by the FDA for indirect food processes, such as use as an additive for adhesives and polymers. MEK is a versatile chemical that is used for cleaning, degreasing, paint thinning, and in the production of inks, lacquers, and more. So, has MEK been banned? Absolutely not!

Who is the supplier of methyl ethyl ketoxime? โ€บ

Esaar International Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime Suppliers (MEKO) in India. Are also Export this product.

What can I use instead of methyl ethyl ketone? โ€บ

ELSOL KTR1 is a powerful, bio-based replacement for highly volatile MEK products. Exceptional performance as a solvent for formulations. Effective solvent for paint, coatings and ink formulations.

Is MEK stronger than acetone? โ€บ

MEK or Methyl Ethyl Ketone is stronger than Acetone, because it has a slower evaporation rate and boils at a higher temperature. These differences are why MEK can be a stronger cleaning agent than acetone.


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